Neonate Cooler

Development Milestones



CMC, Vellore uses organic savE® OM 32 PCM from Pluss® to cool babies.



savE® OM 32 trials unsuccessful. Baby temperature does not reach 33°C.


Pluss® develops inorganic savE® OM 29 PCM to replace OM 32 PCM.


Trials are partly successful with savE® OM 29 PCM. Moderate hypothermia is achieved. Side Effect – babies are overcooling intermittently. Still a long way to go!


Dr. Niranjan Thomas from CMC, Vellore presents his initial findings on savE® PCM based hypothermia at the National Neonatology Conference 2012 in New Delhi, India.

First meeting with the team of doctors from
CMC, Vellore and Pluss® management. takes place at Pluss® HQ in Gurgaon. Pluss® and CMC, Vellore decide to collaborate to develop a
low-cost product to cool babies.



Pluss® partners with Design Directions, Pune to design a low cost, portable, and ergonomic insulated cradle for the device.

Pluss® initiates work on creating Form Stable (FS) version of OM 32 PCM with higher thermal conductivity. first of its kind cascaded system of savE® FS 32 and savE® FS 21 PCM is sent to CMC, Vellore for trials.


First EPS foam based handmade prototype of the cradle!


Initial setback. savE® FS 32 PCM is not cooling the baby, in spite of extensive R&D to increase thermal conductivity. savE® FS 21 seems to be working correctly. Work started on further improving savE® FS 32 conductivity.


We develop new conductivity enhancers for savE® FS 32. Does not work. Baby temperature rises after initial few hours. Focus realigns to find another PCM and suitably maintain temperature.


We develop a novel eutectic mixture based PCM – savE® FS 29. Initial trials at CMC, Vellore show positive results!


Design Clinic Scheme by MSME, Government of India and National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad approve Pluss® project for Design of Cooling Device for Babies with Birth Asphyxia. First step towards establishing the need for a well-designed project by the Government of India.

We develop a modified XLPE foam based prototype of the cradle in-house at Pluss® for use at CMC, Vellore with the novel savE® FS 29 PCM.


The cascaded system with savE® FS 29 and savE® FS 21 PCM and the foam-based cradle works successfully for a full span of treatment of 72 hours!



We plan Multi-centric trials. JIPMER, Puducherry, SRMC, Chennai, Cradle, Gurgaon and St. Johns, Bangalore come on board.


We review design considerations. A universal size determined for cradle’s outer dimensions. Wooden prototypes are prepared and dispatched to all participating hospitals. Suitable conduction bed is developed for comfort and to provide better performance of temperature conduction. Work on the
2nd generation product initiated.


Design is finalized. Name and Logo are finalized. We developed for mould for mass production. MiraCradle® is born
…miracles do happen!


International protection is sought under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Trademark and design registration are obtained.


MiraCradle® is successfully used at the partner hospitals.


We commercially launch MiraCradle®. Indian Overseas Bank adopts MiraCradle® under its CSR scheme. We conduct the First Cooling Workshop using MiraCradle® at CMC, Vellore. Doctors from 15 hospitals across 9 states in India are invited. The 15 partner hospitals agree to act as Nodal Centers to disseminate knowledge of therapeutic hypothermia treatment for Birth Asphyxia using MiraCradle® - Neonate Cooler.


First National Cooling Workshop using MiraCradle® - Neonate Cooler is conducted jointly by JIPMER, Puducherry and CMC, Vellore at the Neocon 2014 at Patna.

India a one step closer to reduce neonatal mortality. SDG in sight!

I cannot understand how anyone can be an Indian, and not be proud

Indira Gandhi
  • Included in the WHO Compendium of Innovative Health Technologies for Low Resource Setting
  • Winner at the Innovators’ Competition for DST- Lockheed Martin India innovation Growth Programme 2015
  • Developed in collaboration with Christian Medical College, Vellore
  • Designed under NID’s Design Clinic Scheme for MSME’s
  • Winner of CII Industrial Innovation Award – 2014
  • Winner of India Innovates: 2020 award by ASSOCHAM
  • Winner of Plasticon Awards 2015
  • Winner of Kirloskar Technology Awards 2015

  • Winner of Healthcare Excellence Award at Indo- Global Healthcare Summit & Expo’ 14

  • First of its kind device in the world

  • MiraCradle® Neonate Cooler is helping save thousands of babies across the globe

  • Product design: Satish Gokhale, Design Directions Pvt. Ltd.

...miracles happen
MiraCradle® Neonate Cooler being used to treat babies

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